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July 2019
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 Membership Class (MC) Points

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PostMembership Class (MC) Points

Membership Class (MC)
A level-based player class system, 1-5.

- Level One.
This represents a relatively new player to Dragon Quills's "Dark Seattle" Vampire LARP.

Every new player starts at level one.

Benefit: You get to play a Vampire! (Or a ghoul, if you think you are up to the challenge!) You may choose from any of 5 core covenants or 5 core clans from the Vampire: the Requiem book (A.K.A. the red book). You may also use any of the Merits, Devotions, or Rituals from the approved Clan or Covenant books.

- Level Two.
This represents a player whose proven ability has earned new advantages.

Requirements: 3 MC points (see MC Points, below).

Benefit: At level two, you may request to join a Bloodline.
Regardless of book source, any potential Bloodline must be approved by the Storyteller staff. Other rules for joining a Bloodline, found on p256 of the red book, still apply.
To join the Bloodline, your character must be of the appropriate parent clan and must find a mentor within that Bloodline for training. If another player's character is already a member of that bloodline, your character MUST find this out IN-GAME and seek out that character for mentorship (see Progenitor, in seperate post).

- Level Three.
Very similar to Level Two, but with a small reward for your effort.

Requirements: MC Level Two, plus 3 more MC points (see MC Points, below).

Benefit: Enjoy a bonus 10XP. On the house.
You may spend it immediately on your current character. You may also transfer this bonus 10XP to any future characters, should your current character die a "good death" (die as a result of rising to an ST-plot challenge, or any death in which the player was gracious and good natured about losing the character. Complaining excessively about the way your character died, or obviously sacrificing the character to make a new one without a believable IN-CHARACTER reason, will disqualify you from "good death" benefits.).

- Level Four.*
Your dedication and role-playing ability have earned your right to more resposibility.

Requirements: Nomination by another player, plus at least one month as MC Level Three.
* This level can only be appointed by a Head ST.

Benefit: You may now request to play an Elder.
A few other rules must be followed before a new Elder can be brought into play. First, you must have 60 Nerd Cred available to spend towards experience (See seperate post for the Nerd Cred rules, which also still apply.) Secondly, you must turn in a complete character background story for ST approval (what constitutes "complete" will be decided by the ST staff). After this, there will be an interview by the ST staff to make sure they (and you!) understand your Elder character. Finally, your current character must meet final death in the game in a "good death" (see above). You may not retire a character just because you now qualify to play an Elder.

- Level Five.*
Your proven understanding of the rules has earned respect for your opinion.

Requirements: Nomination by an ST staff member, plus at least one month as MC Level Four.
* This level can only be appointed by a Head ST.

You have earned the right to submit new "mechanical" game content to the ST staff. (This does not guarantee it will be approved or that it will be used as written.) This means you may now request to play the Progenitor of an entirely original Bloodline (see Progenitor, in seperate post).
Also, should the ST staff decide there is an opening for a new Assistant ST, players at this MC level will always be asked first, before anyone else (this does NOT mean, however, that the MC 5 player must accept the offer).

~ MC Points ~

There are three ways for players to earn points towards Membership Class levels 2 and 3.

1) Player Vote.
- After each game, all players who attended will vote for one player to receive a single MC point for that game. Players cannot vote for themselves. If time permits, the head ST will often try to conduct this vote as soon as the game is called to a close. If this is not practical, players will be asked to cast their votes during their character's downtime submission.

The player who receives a Membership Class point through player vote will also receive 1 nerd cred point that does not count towards to maximum limit of 6 nerd cred per game. (Essentially, if a player has earned max nerd cred (6) and is also awarded a membership class point through voting, they will have 7 nerd cred.)

2) Great role-play.
- The ST staff will confer after each game to nominate and discuss players who demonstrated superior role-playing, excellent understanding of the rules, or very inventive solutions to problems within the game. (This can often result in multiple players being awarded this MC Point during a single game!)

3) StoryTeller Award.
- Occassionally, a single player will be awarded a bonus MC point. The reason is known only to the Head ST.
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Membership Class (MC) Points

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