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May 2019
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 Merits: Resources

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PostMerits: Resources

For a general description of the Resources Merit, please see World of Darkness page 115. The information below consists of our house rule modifications.

The Resources Merit still represents the wealth and material possessions of your character. However, you now receive Resource Traits each month, based on your dots in the Resources merit, according to the following chart. Resource Traits refresh at the start of each monthly game.

Number of Resource Traits Received Per Month:
1-dot of Resources Merit = 1 Resource Trait per month
2 dots of Resources Merit = 3 Resource Traits per month
3 dots of Resources Merit = 6 Resource Traits per month
4 dots of Resources Merit = 10 Resource Traits per month
5 dots of Resources Merit = 15 Resource Traits per month

Resource Trait Costs:
To purchase an item, find that item's Resource dot cost from the book, and use the following chart to determine the number of Resource Traits that must be expended to purchase that item.
Item Costs:
1-dot item cost = 1 Resource Trait cost
2-dot item cost = 4 Resource Trait cost
3-dot item cost = 9 Resource Trait cost
4-dot item cost = 16 Resource Trait cost
5-dot item cost = 25 Resource Trait cost

Additionally, having the Resources Merit allows you to save up to one month’s worth of Resource Traits to use the next month. This is called your “Resource Bank.” If your bank balance exceeds the number of traits your character receives in one month, the excess traits are assumed to be spent on trivialities – entertainment, maintenance, services, etc. For example, if you have 3 Resources dots, your character may bank up to 6 Resource Traits. When the next month comes along, he gets another 6 Resource Traits for a total of 12 that can be spent. However, if he spends only 4 Traits that month, his bank balance is still only 6 Traits – the other 2 Traits are assumed to have been spent on incidental expenses.

Your number of Resource Traits determines the amount of money and capital that your character can secure. This capital is created ether by investments & holdings such as companies or the performance of a job which represents a profession. (You should consider the Status Merit if your professional life could give your character additional benefits.) You must clearly note in your background how this Merit is represented, otherwise income will be assumed to be gained from investments, such as stocks and bonds.

Truly powerful uses of Resources are best left to downtimes, moderated between game sessions. The possibility also exists that your Resources can be affected or destroyed by appropriate endeavors from some Influence Merits (such as higher levels of the Finance Influence). Finance Influence can affect Resources based on stocks and investments. If the character’s Resources Merit is based on a profession using the Status Merit, only an appropriate Influence can track and affect the character’s Status and thus affect their Resources. Generally, a certain level of knowledge and tracing is required before affecting someone’s Resources.

Resources can also be used to purchase the Haven Merit (Size, Location, Security or Cache) without the expenditure of experience points. For every Resource Trait spent on the Haven Merits (with the exception of Haven: Traps) it will reduce the cost by one experience point. Resource traits can also be banked (only in this instance) for exceptionally high levels of Haven until it’s completely purchased. The new additions to Haven will not be completed until this cost is paid for. Expenditure of Resource Traits can be used to Boost Influence endeavors to a maximum of your Resource level on a one for one basis. Note that this applies to the Temple Merit from the Circle of the Crone book. (Library, however, must still be purchased with experience points.)

The Resource merit also determines a Character’s starting equipment. Each PC receives 3 times their monthly Resource Traits plus 5 in equipment. (If you have no Resources Merit, you start with 5 Resource Traits of starting equipment.) Any of the Resource Traits for starting equipment not used before your character enters play are lost – you cannot bank them. In addition to this starting equipment, the Resources Merit also grants a certain level of lifestyle and a home. This granted home does not benefit from the advantages of the Haven Merit (unless upgraded later). It is little more than mere shelter.
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Merits: Resources

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