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February 2019
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 Merits: Haven Cache, Traps & Occult Library

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PostMerits: Haven Cache, Traps & Occult Library

Haven Cache: Each dot allocated to Haven Cache translates to one cache. A cache can hold five Size points worth of equipment, so while one might be a weapons locker with two shotguns and a pistol (and a few boxes of ammo for each, which is negligible as far as Size goes), another might hold surveillance equipment (a set of wire taps, binoculars, night-sight goggles and maybe a pistol for good measure). Chapter Six of the World of Darkness Rulebook has some examples of equipment and weapons that might be useful, and players should work with the Storyteller to figure out what might fit in a cache. It is possible, too, to combine two or more dots of Cache into one space, for a total Size of 10 or more.
Equipment doesn’t have to be stored in a cache, of course — a large Haven can have entire rooms devoted to storage. Equipment that is stored in a cache, however, is effectively hidden from anything but a devoted (or supernatural) search. Mundane interlopers receive a -5 modifier to any attempt to find a cache (on a dramatic failure, the searcher finds and triggers a trap, instead, if the Haven has any). If the players wish, this modifier can instead apply to attempts to access the Cache. The gun safe might be in plain view, but it’s not at all easy to crack open without the proper combination.

Haven Traps: Sooner or later, a Haven is going to be compromised. Vampires know it, even if they don’t want to admit it. That’s why many of them build traps into their Haven, in hopes they can kill a Hunter or supernatural intruder — or at least deter him long enough to get away. A trap can take a myriad of forms. Opening a door to a promising-looking room reveals a shotgun aimed at chest level, which promptly fires. Walking up the stairs on the left side is safe, but on the right side, they’re rigged to collapse. Looking behind a painting causes an axe to swing down from the ceiling, just about at head level. A trap can also be designed to destroy part (or all) of the Haven — at the flick of a switch; the place goes up in flames, collapses or explodes. A trap can either inflict damage equal to the dots allocated to it to a single target, or can inflict less damage to a larger area. Once a trap is tripped, provided it doesn’t destroy the place, any Vampire who contributed dots to the Haven can reset it with minimal work. This is what differentiates traps represented by this Merit from others that the characters might build themselves during the course of the chronicle; no rolls or special effort are required to reset a Haven Trap again, though, if the trap is designed to destroy large sections of the Haven, that damage can’t be repaired without significant effort and expense, if at all. Any trap that deals damage to the Haven Size can be rigged to go off after a short delay, giving the Vampire time to flee. Only one Trap can be made for every level of Haven Size that the Haven possesses, and each trap must have an approve ST explanation with a logical functionality. Oversized Industrial Trap concepts that don’t add flavor and that are seen as unbalanced will be denied.

0: The Vampires haven’t bothered setting traps. Perhaps they’re afraid of setting them off themselves.

• A trap that inflicts one point of lethal damage to a target (concealed knife, caltrops) or three points of bashing damage to a small area (electrified floor, mild poison gas).

•• A trap that inflicts two points of lethal damage to a target (spring-loaded knife, concealed pistol trap) or inflicts six bashing damage to a small area (falling sandbags, fire-hose trap), or a trap that incorporates fire and thus has a chance of igniting targets and the house (see p. 180 of the World of Darkness Rulebook).

**Fair Warning- Fire is a very dangerous component to any trap and may cause more damage to surrounding areas of the Haven then the target itself.**

••• A trap that inflicts three points of lethal damage to a target (falling axe, poisoned needle on a doorknob) or eight bashing damage to an area (collapsing staircase), or a trap that damages a portion of the Haven, reducing its Size by one (explosives; anyone caught in the blast takes two lethal damage).

•••• A trap that inflicts four lethal damage to a target (shotgun trap, pit with spikes) or 10 bashing damage/two lethal damage to an area (concussion grenade trap, deadfall trap), or a trap that reduces the Haven Size by one to three dots (anyone caught in the area suffers three points of lethal damage).

••••• A trap that inflicts five points of lethal damage to a target (spring-loaded sharpened stake, blowtorch trap) or 12 bashing damage/three lethal damage to an area (bouncing Betty, acid spray), or a trap that completely destroys the Haven, no matter how large (anyone caught inside suffers four points of lethal damage).

A note on vulnerabilities: some creatures, such as vampires, suffer aggravated damage from fire. (Warning: even small flames can cause a blazing inferno) Others have more specialized weaknesses, and Vampires might well guess at them or learn them over the course of the chronicle. The Haven Traps system doesn’t make capitalizing on these weaknesses a special case — working silver bullets into a gun trap doesn’t put the dot rating up. This is because the creatures get a chance to notice the traps anyway (see below), and because a Vampire can’t be sure that a) werewolves really are vulnerable to silver, or if that’s just a story and b) werewolves are going to attack the Haven, rather than some other Monstrosity, that doesn’t care a bit about silver. Any intruder receives a Wits + Composure roll to notice a trap moments before it activates:

Roll Results

Dramatic Failure: The intruder activates the trap and suffers all relevant damage. In addition, roll (the rating of the trap in question + 2) and apply any successes as additional damage (type as appropriate to the trap).

Failure: The intruder activates the trap and suffers all relevant damage.

Success: The character notices the trap and can try to disarm it (Wits + Crafts minus the dots allocated to that trap, failure sets off the trap, dramatic failure doubles the damage) or just leave it be.

Exceptional Success: The intruder notices the trap and can attempt to disarm it (Wits + Crafts, no penalty for the trap rating).

Suggested Modifiers:
Modifier / Situation
+1 Intruder is actively looking for traps
+1 Intruder has successfully surveyed the location recently
-1 Dim light
-1 Loud ambient noise
-2 Intruder is hurried
-2 Trap does not require visible apparatus (collapsing staircase, for instance)
-3 Total darkness

(Must be bought with XP only)
This the possessor of this Merit has collected a library devoted to the subjects of the occult. For every dot purchased in the Library facet, the owner enjoys a +1 equipment bonus to Occult research rolls. This may not lead to a cumulative bonus larger than +5. The Occult Library Merit does not necessarily represent books. Depending on the contributing vampire’s Resources, a library’s archives may contain relics, vases, old scrolls or other artifacts that don’t necessarily contain literal texts but rather inspiring or enlightening artistic or historical details.

Special Note: You cannot purchase more dots in the Occult Library Merit than the number of Haven Size dots in which the library resides.
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Merits: Haven Cache, Traps & Occult Library :: Comments

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Merits: Haven Cache, Traps & Occult Library

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