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May 2019
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For a general description of the Resources Merit, please see World of Darkness page 115. The information below consists of our house rule modifications.

The Resources Merit still represents the wealth and material possessions of your character. However, you now receive Resource Traits each month, based on your dots in the Resources merit, according to the following chart. Resource Traits refresh at the start of each monthly game.

Number of Resource Traits Received Per Month:
1-dot of Resources Merit = 1 Resource Trait per month
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You have powerful or useful friends who help you out in your endeavors. You can make a few calls and cut a few deals to get assistance in a wide range of activities. Each Allies Trait possessed represents several people whom you can call upon for aid. Unlike Influence, your Allies have special talents that make them better than the average person on the street. Although your Allies may not be aware of your supernatural nature (if you have any), they can be quite useful if you direct them properly. In general, your Allies do not appear during game-play. Instead, you...
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Fighting Styles

Responsive action: Only fighting styles that allow a counter maneuver are responsive actions. This maneuver must be done on the attacker’s Initiative turn. You must have a higher Initiative turn to hold to meet theirs or the same initiative as the attacker. All of them are specifically called out below. Quick Draw: Can be part of a responsive action.
Many fighting styles have several passive effects associated with them, but to make this system easier on us all, once a benefit or maneuver is used in a turn, defensively or offensive, the Player must only rely on...
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Haven Cache: Each dot allocated to Haven Cache translates to one cache. A cache can hold five Size points worth of equipment, so while one might be a weapons locker with two shotguns and a pistol (and a few boxes of ammo for each, which is negligible as far as Size goes), another might hold surveillance equipment (a set of wire taps, binoculars, night-sight goggles and maybe a pistol for good measure). Chapter Six of the World of Darkness Rulebook has some examples of equipment and weapons that might be useful, and players should work with the Storyteller to figure...
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Merit: Parkour • to •••••
Prerequisites: Dexterity •••, Athletics ••

The sport of parkour began in France, and has quickly spread to other parts of the world. Parkour demands a level of athleticism from its practitioners that few other sports do. The purpose of parkour, which is also called “free running” or “urban running,” is to move as quickly as possible through an environment with a variety of obstacles, sprinting through the terrain and using a variety of climbing techniques, leaps, rolls and other athletic movements to navigate. Watching an expert traceur (one of the terms...
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Influence Merit dots represent a group of individuals that may be associates, friends of convenience, people who owe your character a favor, or those your character knows how to manipulate. Each acquisition of this Merit is dedicated to one category of influence in an organization, society, or circle. The various influence realms are listed in the tables below. In order to have influences in more than one realm, you need to purchase this Merit multiple times, each written on your character sheet declaring which realm of influence and the number of dots assigned...
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Every mortal Retainer receives one dot in all attributes as normal. Additional dots for primary, secondary, and tertiary selections for attributes and skills are listed below for each level of Retainer. The number of merit dots that each Retainer receives is also listed below. Remember: Purchasing the 5th-dot of any attribute, skill, or merit costs 2-dots; this applies to Retainers just as player characters.

Please note that restrictions have been placed on how many dots may be assigned to a Retainer’s attributes, skills or merits. The...
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